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The licensee for providing tax advising services is Snježana Galić, a certified tax advisor, who provides services within the company Galić Tax Consulting Ltd for tax advising. Having met all the general and special terms and conditions to provide tax advising services, Snježana Galić obtained work licence issued by the Ministry of Finance, Class: UP/I-131-01/04-01/12 Ref. No: 513-07-21-07/04-5 as of 17 December 2004, and she has been working independently since 1 January 2005.

Services are rendered in accordance with the Code of Ethics. Clients are provided responses to their inquiries according to the principles of legality, conscientiousness and professionalism. Tax advising services are stipulated by the Tax Advising Act (Official Gazette No 127/00, 76/13, 115/16), that determines the terms and conditions as well as the scope of independent self-employment, which has also been possible within a tax advising company since 1 January 2017.

Tax advising is a service which, pursuant to the legal, economic, tax and accounting system of the Republic of Croatia, in a reliable way ensures taxpayers proper application of tax regulations. Tax advising services include consultancy on tax issues representing clients in tax proceedings before the tax authorities and preparing tax returns.

Aside from the tax advising services, we provide bookkeeping services, prepare financial reports and render other related services, such as making court expert reports in finance, accounting and tax matters and doing business enterprise value appraisals. Tax advising services also include representing clients before tax authorities and making expert analysis of the decisions by the tax authorities.


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Porezni savjetnik Snježana Galić
Galić tax consulting, za porezno savjetništvo

Galić tax consulting, za porezno savjetništvo


Tax advisor is obliged to keep confidential everything that clients entrust them with or that they otherwise learn through their work.

Other persons currently or previously working with tax advisor are obliged to keep business secrets as well.

The law also stipulates obligatory insurance of the practice against potential damage the clients might suffer.

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